Just started Mickel therapy

I recently met a woman from Australia on the Internet who had recovered from CFS using Mickel therapy, came across this blog and contacted me. She had so much energy that when we first chatted on Skype, I told her I felt I wanted to punch her in the face. She attributed her recovery to Mickel Therapy she did over the Internet with a therapist in the UK, who she raved about. I did a bit of research, contacted the therapist she recommended and decided “what the heck do I have to lose?” and went for it.

I’m not going to go into an analysis of how Mickel Therapy works because it’s all about getting in touch with the emotions behind the symptoms I’m feeling, and analytical thinking suppresses emotions. I was swayed by the description on Kim Ayers’s blog about his experience of Mickel Therapy. Kim was also in a documentary about the treatment.

I can already see that some of my symptoms may be my body’s way of telling me “I’m Bored!” and have decided to do more fun things that I’ve been putting off on the premise that I don’t have the energy. For instance I finally went to see the Picasso exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales on Monday, which was really cool.

I’m going to continue to go to the therapy group I go to twice a week, which helps me get in touch with my emotions and express them verbally, while I also use the Mickel Therapy tools to take action in response to emotions and symptoms. I’m cautiously optimistic. Time will tell, and I’ll keep you informed of any breakthroughs and particularly of how I feel during the process.

Today I’m going to grab some breakfast/lunch, watch a coach training DVD, ride my bicycle briefly (after fixing the flat tyres since I haven’t ridden it in 4 years), and go to a coach training session in the afternoon. Tonight I’ll chill out with a good movie DVD.

Right now, I feel pretty calm, a little excited, and a little anxious.

Author: Graham

I'm a guy in his late 40's, recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since May 2009. I now offer coaching and support to other people with CFS/ME.

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  1. I am feeling so desparate and discouraged. Has anyone had success obtaining disability for CFS? I don’t want to as I will feel like I am throwing the towel in so to speak. Being late to work because I have such difficulty getting my self out of bed and getting my day started has put my job in jeopardy. I have being fired from 2 jobs over the years. Thankfully I am a nurse so finding another job has never been an issue. I’m just so tired of being tired and truly hope that dr. Guyer here in Indy can help me.

  2. Dear Graham,
    I wonder if you could share a bit more about your results with Mickel therapy..or maybe you are still with the sessions and it is better not to share yet…sorry for the question if that is the case!!

  3. Good luck! šŸ™‚ In January I was desperate, I searched everywhere for possible cures (I’ve been sick 13 yrs, homebound 95% of the time this last year). I found web sites on Dr. John sarno, he wrote new York times best selling books on how if your mind is ill at ease your body will be effected. he gives some steps to do too. I thought it rubbish but I started doing it & re-reading the book. I’m currently reading it for a 3rd time. I also started taking an online course from his protege, dr. Shubiner (unlearnyourpain.com). He has a workbook ive been doing. I NEVER EVER thought this would help but it is, SLOWLY, it truly is. I now believe in mind body connections. I ordered destined for disease & mickel therapy. I’m hoping learning & applying from these mind body lessons will cure me. I’m only 29. I missed so much. I want to be a teacher & a mother…best of luck to you. Keep us posted. Take care šŸ™‚

    1. Hey there,
      Yes, it makes sense; our mind/brain is the control centre of our body. Yet I’ve been working on mind stuff for years and years, and still haven’t cracked it. In fact, I feel worse: I was in the middle of doing therapy when I fell ill. I guess that’s why I’m still so goddam skeptical.
      Keep in touch!

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