My Symptoms

These are the symptoms I experience from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

  • Exhaustion
  • Constant nasal drip down my throat
  • Needing to clear my throat constantly
  • Cough
  • Headaches
  • Sore throat
  • Constant stuffy head-cold feeling
  • Feeling lousy most of the time, except when distracted
  • Tension in the body, especially in the chest
  • Tension in my head, like it’s wrapped in a steel band
  • Jitteryness
  • An unpleasant buzzing sensation throughout my body
  • Laboured breathing
  • Sleep disturbance and Insomnia
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Worry about the future
  • Lethargy
  • Worsening of fatigue the day after aerobic activity (Post-Exertional Malaise)
  • Dropping things a lot
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Difficulty focusing and sticking to one thing
  • Sense of desperation
  • Feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck, right after getting up

The intensity of the symptoms varies quite a bit, adding to the emotional rollercoaster. They invariably get worse when I don’t rest, up to the point where I can’t function and have to stay in bed. Then they ease off very gradually if I stay in bed resting for extended periods of several days or so.

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  1. Have you read the books by Sarah Myhill, M. D. (British) and Joseph Tietlebaum, M. D. ?
    Both explain and offer ways to cope with and gradually escape the confines of CFS. Also, one of the symptoms of having an overgrowth of the yeast Candida albicans is a constant nasal drip and the cure is eliminating sugar from the diet which is the food source for the yeast. I too have most of your symptoms but have found some improvement by doing yoga, taking certain supplements and trying to have a healthy diet.

  2. Hi

    Did your symptoms get worse over time. I have a lot of your symptoms. I had surgery last year and I suspect it advanced my symptoms. I have very physical job and I feel it makes it worse. I find I get worse as time goes on. I’m currently doing test with doc and they think it’s vestibular migraine. But this condition makes more sense to me. I’m back at doc next week so I’ll mention it and see what they say.

    1. Hi Nuala,
      My symptoms vary somewhat over time. Initially they steadily got worse until a point where they started steadily getting better. On top of that is the push/crash thing that most people with CFS experience. If I exert myself too much, I feel considerably worse the next day. Stay within the energy envelope though, and I seem to gradually improve over time.
      I had a friend I met through this blog who suffered from CFS for many years and said that when she was finally diagnosed with atypical migraine and given the right antidepressant, she recovered. We had a falling out so I don’t know how fully recovered she is over time; she’d told me about earlier diagnoses that she also believed in at the time, but didn’t lead to a full recovery.
      My next question would be: What’s causing the migraines?

  3. So I’ve flipped through a lot of the blog and have a few questions. Are the symptoms listed above your current symptoms or the symptoms at your worst? Have you had any recent saliva cortisol tests? Did you ever try any cortisol lowering supplements? Enerphos/seriphos or standard ps, cbd oil, holy basil or relora?

    1. The intensity of my symptoms tend to vary, but this list is pretty consistent. I’m finding that they gradually reduce over time; or perhaps because of all the therapy/yoga/EMDR/exercise I do! I tried some herbal remedies from Mediherb that were supposed to reduce my cortisol, but I doubt they did anything. I’ve never had it checked a second time since the test is kind of expensive and doesn’t get to the bottom of why my cortisol was so high in the first place.

  4. I am suffering from this illness since last 15 years. My work efficiency is getting low day by day. I have had all of the above symptoms.
    I was intending to buy the GUPTA PROGRAMME. Please advise me if it is just not a preferred programme to get cured from CFS/FM

      1. First of all thanks a lot for your swift response. I will follow your Advice to explore the AND Rewire Programme. Further, since I am located in Pakistan we need to fix a time for skype at your convenience . My skype ID is Akbar hasware.

    1. Your symptoms are my symptoms. Classic adrenal dysfunction with lowered immune response. I am doing Nutritional Balancing with Pam Killeen as coach and Dr Lawrence Wilson, MD. Stress of all kinds leads to excess production of cortisol leading to adrenals not making other hormones properly leading to screwed up electrolytes leading to retention of heavy metals leading to screwed up brain chemistry and fatigue. You have to get the good electrolyte metals back in and the toxic heavy metals out. A long process but worth every minute of it. Wishing us all well.

  5. Thanks for sharing , can you give more details about your constant nasal drip down the throat ,runny nose how common is it among cfs patients

  6. Have you looked up the symptoms of Cushings? I’ve suffered similarities. Turns out to be cushings. You do not have to have all the symptoms but high cortisol seems to be the diagnosing tool.

  7. Hi Graham – I used to keep a blog about my move to Mexico, and then I moved back to the US. I started getting very ill while I lived in Mexico but I’ve been partially sick most of my life. Until the last 9 days, I feel so much better. But I was doing law of attraction and trying to get better, but I really wasn’t until a few weeks ago. I’m just wondering if you have tried Diatomaceous earth. I’ve tried so many things and I’m so hopeful this is what is going to help me actually get better. My symptoms are listed in my first post.

    1. Hi Heather. Thanks for your comment. I haven’t tried Diatomaceous earth. I’d be interested to hear how you go with it in six months time. Good luck! Cheers, Graham

      1. Graham;

        I’ve tried diatomaceous earth. I bought a 50lb bag about 3 years ago. I’m pretty good about taking a 1/4 of a cup of it daily for periods of time then I get tired of it. It doesn’t help me with energy. I did have odd things come out when I started taking it. Im not quite sure what I had built up in there but it got it all out. I’ve used it as an appetite suppressant. Nothing like a stomach full of earth to make you feel full. It does seem to help teeth to get harder. It does seem to help with my blood pressure and general aches and pains. Oddly enough I felt odd after my last flue vaccination… It seemed to help with that but that’s not very scientific… Maybe it was just time passing. It can make the user very constipated if too much is taken..

  8. Hey, I had the buzzing thing – I think it was largely due to tension in my diaphragm. I did breathing exercises which involved pushing my diaphragm down as far as possible when breathing in and it went away. Worth a try at least!

    1. Thanks Helen. My Naturopath had me doing a breathing exercise where you inhale diaphramattically (as you describe), then breathe out as slowly as you can maintain without gasping for breath. This increases your blood CO2 level, which switches off your sympathetic nervous system. Result: feel much calmer. I did it continuously for a year whenever I wasn’t engrossed in something else.

  9. Graham I’m just wondering if you have had sleep problems as one of your symptoms? If not I don’t feel what you have been suffering is CFS. I think you have some sort of chronic infection going on. Look into MORA therapy it might help.

    1. Thanks for your comment Andrew. Yes, sleep problems are one of my most persistent symptoms. Perhaps I didn’t mention it because I’ve had sleep problems as long as I can remember; Chronic Fatigue just made it worse. CFS is a syndrome, not a single definable illness; if you meet the diagnostic criteria, you have it. MORA therapy looks like a placebo treatment dressed up with some pseudo-scientific babble. It may help if you believe in it, which I don’t.

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