Just getting over another cold

I’ve had a cold for the last 5 or so days, during which time the weather here in Sydney has been raining, cold and miserable. It started raining right after I put my washing was on the line on Tuesday. Friday night I finally gave up, dragged it in and put it in the dryer.

Meanwhile, I’ve persisted in doing my morning yoga/breathwork/meditation ala Art of Living, and it seems to be working. My experience of this cold has been relatively mild. I know there’s something more going on than my usual flu-like symptoms, because the phlegm is chunky and yellow. Oh gross. Aren’t you glad to learn about that?

I’ve also got hold of some Blackmores PPMP (Potassium Phosphate/Magnesium Phosphate) that another CFS blogger said worked wonders for him. It’s part of their practitioner range so not all chemists stock it, and they have to have certain credentials even to order it. But if you call the Blackmores‘ info line on 1 800 803 760 (in Australia) they can tell you a pharmacy nearby who can order it for you. I don’t know what’s available that’s equivalent for those of you outside Australia.

Aside from the cold, things haven’t been too bad. I’ve been preparing to go away to visit my sister’s holiday house for a couple of months to get a change of scenery. I’ll be lonely, so please Skype me if you’re ill and want to chat, or if you’re well and want to chat! My plan is to finish a book I started writing a few years ago pre-CFS… let’s see if I’ve still got it in me. No doubt I’ll work on one or more of my blogs while I’m away too, as I have some half-finished articles ready to go.

I’ve even done my tax return for 2010/11, earlier than ever in history. So I’ll be financially viable at least until I get back. The kitchen is a mess and I need to clean out the fridge and a cupboard with an exploded tin in it before I go. But aside from that, things are going OK for me. How about you?

Author: Graham

I'm a guy in his late 40's, recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since May 2009. I now offer coaching and support to other people with CFS/ME.

5 thoughts on “Just getting over another cold”

  1. How did you go with the Blackmores PPMP???, I have recently started with a Homeopathic tissue salt formula, have to see how I go with it..

      1. Yeah I believe adrenal fatigue is definitely a big part of cfs, Im currently doing meditation and acupuncture, Im also doing Gupta as well although I have not done alot of the STOP process lately. I think he is pretty spot on with his hypothesis in that the stress response is a large part of the fatigue we experience, which then drains the adrenal glands leading too adrenal fatigue. I went to the Sydney workshop and found it to be very helpful, Im trying to review the DVD’s again and re-introduce the accelerator technique, Im also thinking of doing “The Art of Living” course after reading your experiences with it ..


  2. Hi Graham, Sorry you’ve had the cold…doesn’t really help the situation much hey. I havn’t suffered with the flu symptoms with my CFS so I guess that is definately one thing I am thankful for. Wow, getting to go away for a few months to another location – a holiday locations at that. That sounds great. I’ve just been down at my mums for a couple of days and although great to see her its pretty hard getting out of routines and struggling with sleeping in a different bed etc. Glad to be back home now. I’m sure a few months will be nice though as you’ll slip into your own routine there. Good luck with the fridge and the exploding tin! I’ve got an exploding tupperwear cupboard to deal with!!

    1. I had a bit of a late night last night, and when I woke this morning I was too exhausted to contemplate going away. Didn’t get out of bed till this afternoon. So it’s gonna be tomorrow instead. Meanwhile, my dishwasher has died. Fortunately it finished the wash cycle first. I’ll be leaving it till I get back to find out what’s the matter with it. I have no mobile reception, and Twitter updates on my home blog aren’t working; I’m beginning to hate technology!

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