Detox Redux: How it went, what I learned

Well, I finished my detox last Monday. It felt great to be able to eat again. I started off with fruit and a couple of vegetables, and then gradually reintroduced other things like bread and meat. Now I feel pretty much the way I did before the detox. I didn’t notice any change in my flu-like symptoms; the nasal congestion and post nasal drip continued throughout. I’m even more skeptical of the whole detox idea now; I suspect the guy who put me onto it recovered for some other reason and just attributed it to the cleanse. After all, our bodies are constantly expelling waste they don’t need… I can’t see any reason why it would do it more efficiently just because we’ve replaced normal eating with a juice concoction. But I can add it to the list of things I can say I’ve tried, and I think having a whole week where I rested and didn’t go out was good for me. If your symptoms are like mine, I’d recommend skipping the detox and having a one-week stay-at-home retreat where you eat healthy food instead.

What helped more this week was going to a sharing group that formed after my last path of love, and talking about just how scared I feel. I found myself crying unexpectedly. I think my inner child has a lot of nervous tension locked away. Releasing some of that made me feel a lot better. I’ll be going to the group regularly, so I’m hoping for more similar breakthroughs. This weekend I’m studying David Shade’s Erotic Hypnosis program… I’m fascinated by the power of the mind so this should be interesting!

Author: Graham

I'm a guy in his late 40's, recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since May 2009. I now offer coaching and support to other people with CFS/ME.

4 thoughts on “Detox Redux: How it went, what I learned”

  1. Graham, I found your blog after reading your post about mold and CFS on Cort Johnson’s forum. I was wondering two things: Did you ever try and get away from any mold exposure? #2., Have you ever considered seeing a classically trained homeopath? It seems like it might help, especially since you have many emotional issues. For example, natrum muriaticum is often prescribed for ME/CFS, because emotions tend to be very suppressed, but deeply felt inside. Google natrum muriaticum and see if the symptoms match yours…but best to see a homeopath with years of experience. Also, would be interested in hearing if you got away from molds.

    1. Hey Kelly. I’ve tried moving out of my home for up to 3 months at a time, and it never made any difference. I bought a vacuum with a HEPA filter that captures mold spores. I have a nice vacuum, but it made no difference to my illness. Also I notice no seasonal variation. So I’ve concluded it’s not mold related.

      I’ve seen a couple of homeopaths. They thought they could help, but over time their remedies never did anything for me. My favourite explanation is by Tim Minchin.

      How about you, what’s your interest in this?
      Cheers, Graham

    1. I haven’t spoken to anyone that’s done it, but from what I can see on the ‘net it’s controversial and sounds expensive for what they teach you. It seems based on the same concept as the Gupta Programme of breaking an adrenaline cycle. I’m skeptical, and I gather LP doesn’t work for skeptics.

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