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I feel really tired today. Spent all morning in bed. Think I’ll go back there this afternoon. I realise that when I push myself, my symptoms just get worse; particularly the sore throat and cough. And my breathing gets really laboured, which is possibly the most annoying thing. I feel like stopping breathing just to take a rest… but I can’t do that for too long.

But when I rest a lot and forget about everything I’m missing out on, life’s not so bad. At least I don’t have, say, leukaemia. That’s gotta suck. And the World’s Greatest Shave is coming up to raise money for The Leukaemia Foundation, so I’m taking part. If you like this blog, or just want to support a really worthy cause, please sponsor me by clicking here. It’ll help take your mind of feeling tired.

Author: Graham

I'm a guy in his late 40's, recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since May 2009. I now offer coaching and support to other people with CFS/ME.