What Do I Choose?

Here is my What Do I Choose worksheet from Session 8:

Negative Thoughts and Beliefs
Positive Thoughts and Beliefs
I’m not good enough I am good enough
I must be successful I can be happy whether I succeed or fail
I want constant validation I don’t need other people’s approval or validation
My family don’t understand me I don’t need other people’s understanding to be happy
I need attention in order to feel good I can feel good all by myself
I must not fail in front of other people Other people’s opinions do not matter to me
I fear what other people think of me Other people’s opinions do not matter to me
I’m afraid of being judged negatively I don’t need judgemental people in my life
I hate negative criticism I don’t have to take other people’s negativity on board
I’m afraid of rejection Rejection is about them, not about me
I need people to like me I have enough people in my life who like me already
I want attractive women to like me I don’t need every attractive woman to like me
I’m afraid of the women I’m attracted to The women I’m attracted to are just like me
She won’t like me I don’t care if she likes me or not
She despises me I don’t need judgemental people in my life
I’m a bad person I’m a good person
People will reject me if I’m honest/real with them I don’t care if people reject me or not
I’m a fraud I am true to myself
I want to do stuff now; I don’t want to wait I can wait if necessary
When will I “grow up”? I am a capable adult
I’m not strong enough I have all the inner strength I need
I wish I was more resilient I have a good balance between vulnerability and resilience
I only enjoy life when I’m being successful I can enjoy life whether I’m being successful or not
I hate failing Every experience is an opportunity to learn
Losing money is a sign of failure You need to spend money to make money
I want to be more successful with women I’m already very successful with women
I’m a failure I am a success
I’ll never succeed as a writer I’m already successful as a writer
I won’t find fulfilling work again I already know what work fulfils me

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