Consequences and Benefits

This is my Consequences and Benefits exercise from The Advanced ME/CFS Recovery Programme with Ashok Gupta:

Left Path

Right Path

The negative consequences of staying ill are:

  • Feel terrible
  • Life sucks
  • Can’t do what I want to do
  • Can’t go dancing
  • Hard to socialize with friends
  • Hard to meet new people
  • Lacking motivation
  • Can’t do the musicals that I want to
  • Hard to get career kick-started
  • Waste a lot of time in bed
  • Feel weak & terrible after exercise
The benefits of getting better are:

  • Get to feel good
  • Enjoy life
  • Do what I want
  • Go dancing
  • Socialize when I feel like it
  • Meet new people, women, etc
  • More motivation
  • Feel motivated & inspired again
  • Be able to do musicals again
  • Can pursue my new career wholeheartedly
  • Go back to the gym/exercise again
The benefits of staying ill are:

  • Good excuse
  • Can put off things that might cause upset
The drawbacks of getting better are:

  • Will put more pressure on myself again

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