Supplements to Boost Acetylcholine

I had a question via email about the supplements that the friend I mentioned in my previous post is taking to boost his acetylcholine (the vagus nerve neurotransmitter).

Here’s what my friend sent me:

As you know, I’m taking a whole bunch of supplements (e.g. I’m still taking the calcium I mentioned to you previously), so I may be experiencing some synergistic effects. But the formulation I worked out for myself specifically to boost acetylcholine is the following:

1. Alpha-GPC (acetylcholine precursor).

2. Tyrosine (to keep dopamine & norepinephrine in balance with acetylcholine).

3. Cup of tea (for the stimulant effect of caffeine).

4. Acetyl-carnitine (to facilitate energy metabolism in the brain).

5. Flax seed oil (needed by brain & also acts as transport for some important nutrients to the brain).

6. Gingko-brahmi (for its known positive effects on memory & focus).

7. Aniracetam (fat soluble nootropic).

8. Noopept (a Soviet nootropic peptide).

You can get a lot of the less common of these from:

I haven’t tried these supplements myself, although I am now taking Caltrate (Calcium, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper & Manganese) since I no longer drink milk, can only stomach so many green leafy vegetables, and don’t want to end up with osteoporosis.

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