Achivements I Am Proud Of

  1. Being a volunteer telephone crisis counsellor for 9 years
  2. Getting a first class honours degree in Computer Systems Engineering
  3. Buying my own place, debt free
  4. Successful 20-year career in Engineering
  5. Starting my own business
  6. Publishing my first book
  7. Learning to play guitar and keyboard
  8. Getting 433/500 in my Higher School Certificate
  9. Confronting my parents about their abusive relationship
  10. Writing an autobiography
  11. Establishing a meaningful relationship with my father
  12. The SSDCC firmware rewrite
  13. The UFR-120 project
  14. Learning Australian Sign Language (Auslan)
  15. Learning French
  16. Traveling Overseas
  17. Becoming a Toastmasters Competent Communicator, and Club President

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