A Happy, Healthy Life

This is my Happy, Healthy Life worksheet from The Advanced ME/CFS Recovery Programme with Ashok Gupta:

Left Path

Negative Thoughts and Beliefs about Achievements/Tasks

Right Path

Positive Thoughts and Beliefs about Achievements/Tasks

I must make sure other people like everything I do I will do things I am proud of
My achievements will never be good enough I will do things I enjoy, regardless of what other people think
I can’t handle criticism when I’m being creative Other people’s reactions to my creativity isn’t my concern
I need to justify why I feel the way I do I accept that I feel the way I do right now, whether other people accept it or not
I need to convince other people, or make sure they approve of what I think and do What I think and do are natural by-products of who I am. Other people’s opinions or approval is unimportant. Freedom comes from letting go of approval-seeking.
There isn’t enough time to do everything I want to do There is plenty of time to do the things that are really important to me
I desperately want to be successful My self-worth and happiness are not related to how successful I am

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