Crap day yesterday… Bit better today

I had a spectacularly awful day yesterday. Not only did Australia get kicked out of the world cup, but I felt headachey and awful all day. Spent most of it in bed, either asleep or attempting to sleep. Life just didn’t feel worth living yesterday, and yet I couldn’t work out any strategy for escaping it that wouldn’t cause tremendous pain for my friends and family. The best I could come up with was to exile myself somewhere until everyone had forgotten that I existed, then just kill myself. Even that wouldn’t work though, and god I’d be lonely in the meantime. And there’s a small matter of things that I’d like to achieve before I go.

Fortunately today I feel marginally better. I generally do after spending a day in bed. I feel kind of washed out, like I used to feel the day after a migraine. Don’t get them any more, thankfully. I spent most of today researching toxic mould, to see whether my home environment could be poisoning me. I had a chat with a very helpful lady from Mycologia in Australia, who seemed more interested in helping me than in taking my money. What I described didn’t sound like a mould problem to her, and she suggested I start by getting a HEPA vacuum before an expensive inspection. So I’m gonna give that a go. In the mean time, I’m gonna rest because my head is drifting into the twilight zone.