A friend of mine with CFS put me onto FasterEFT a few years ago, and I’ve recently recommended it to several clients who have a history of bottling up their emotions and eventually became ill with CFS/ME.

I had already done a lot of emotional healing work before coming across FasterEFT, but I still found some of the HealingMagic videos on YouTube helpful. I think they would be really powerful for anyone new to healing emotional trauma. I never felt a great benefit from the tapping, but then I didn’t persist with it; it seems to work magic for some people.

Here’s an interesting video with a woman who had typical CFS symptoms after some traumatic life events and found that FasterEFT helped her recovery. It turns into a bit of an infomercial half-way through, but her story is still interesting:

I recommend checking out all the FasterEFT videos on YouTube and noticing the ones that put you in touch with your feelings. Try tapping along too; you have nothing to lose!

If you love it, check out the FasterEFT products too.