What It Costs

My usual rates for coaching are $100 Australian/hour. I understand that many people with CFS have very limited financial resources and have already spent a fortune they didn’t have on treatments that didn’t work, so I offer a special rate of $80 Australian/hour for clients with CFS.

I generally charge by the hour. Once you’re up and running implementing the strategies from our weekly sessions, we start having sessions as and when you need them to make sure you’re getting value for money.

I don’t charge for the initial conversation where we both assess whether we are a good fit for working together, and I’m committed to you getting value from that conversation regardless of whether you take up the offer of paid coaching with me.

Most of my clients find that their income generating potential increases dramatically as a result of emotional intelligence based coaching because it deals with core issues of unworthiness that get reflected in the real world amount that we earn.