Detox Redux: How it went, what I learned

Well, I finished my detox last Monday. It felt great to be able to eat again. I started off with fruit and a couple of vegetables, and then gradually reintroduced other things like bread and meat. Now I feel pretty much the way I did before the detox. I didn’t notice any change in my flu-like symptoms; the nasal congestion and post nasal drip continued throughout. I’m even more skeptical of the whole detox idea now; I suspect the guy who put me onto it recovered for some other reason and just attributed it to the cleanse. After all, our bodies are constantly expelling waste they don’t need… I can’t see any reason why it would do it more efficiently just because we’ve replaced normal eating with a juice concoction. But I can add it to the list of things I can say I’ve tried, and I think having a whole week where I rested and didn’t go out was good for me. If your symptoms are like mine, I’d recommend skipping the detox and having a one-week stay-at-home retreat where you eat healthy food instead.

What helped more this week was going to a sharing group that formed after my last path of love, and talking about just how scared I feel. I found myself crying unexpectedly. I think my inner child has a lot of nervous tension locked away. Releasing some of that made me feel a lot better. I’ll be going to the group regularly, so I’m hoping for more similar breakthroughs. This weekend I’m studying David Shade’s Erotic Hypnosis program… I’m fascinated by the power of the mind so this should be interesting!

Detox Day 7: Final Day!

Well it’s the last day of my lemon detox, and I’m looking forward to eating food again tomorrow! I bought a stack of fruit yesterday to ease my way back in as of breakfast Monday. I feel pretty headachey and rundown; slightly worse than my average chronic fatigue day. Of course I expect to feel better when I start eating again and I’m looking forward to having more energy when I do. I haven’t noticed any difference in my flu-like symptoms.

Spent this morning writing an article for my blog, then went back to bed until a good friend rang for a chat which was great. My eyes feel really tired and I had trouble sleeping last night so I’m back off to bed this afternoon I think. Don’t really want to stare at a screen all afternoon. This week I want to get out and catch up with some friends… re-enter the land of the living.

Detox Day 5

Good Friday, and I didn’t eat any red meat. Or anything else for that matter. Spent the day publishing some more articles, making a video for YouTube, and pondering what I’m really passionate about for my next project. Lay down for a couple of hours this afternoon. I feel a bit headachey, but not particularly bad. I’m hanging out for a steak. Or eggs & bacon. Even some fruit! Going to curl up in front of a DVD tonight. Haven’t starved to death yet. No intestinal bleeding either. Rumors of my death appear premature.

Detox Day 4

That lemonade mixture is starting to taste truly ghastly. I remember on day 1 thinking “It’s not too bad”. I was wrong. Had a bit of trouble sleeping last night due to feeling hungry. Those cashew nuts on the kitchen bench look mighty appealing, and don’t get me started on the chocolate in the fridge. I hate ads on TV for food, and goddam MasterChef. Give me The Biggest Looser instead.

Spent the morning posting a couple of articles on confidence to ezinearticles and articlesbase. One of them, ironically, is titled Get more Confidence by Going to Lunch. I won’t be doing that any time soon. Also uploaded a presentation based on an interview I did with my cousin yesterday talking about how to gain confidence using neuro linguistic programming (NLP). Phoned a friend for her birthday, and made her laugh… lots. I like that. The afternoon plan is to chill out playing a bit of guitar, and listen to some MP3’s I’ve downloaded on various personal & business development topics.

All in all, I don’t feel as bad or as hungry as I expected. Let’s not tempt fate though, eh? Still feel like I have a mild cold and slightly tense, so no obvious reduction in chronic fatigue symptoms yet. The rest is probably doing me good since I’m not going out at all, and I feel happy enough to get by.

Detox Day 2 and I don’t feel too bad

Well I had a lousy headache last night, which made Mythbusters & Good News Week a lot less fun to watch than normal. I woke up this morning feeling like I just wanted to do something, so I posted a new article to ezinearticles and read some of my email backlog. The plan for today is to tidy up my place a bit, do some meditation and listen to some MP3’s that I’ve collected about various topics like success, confidence, dating, and blogging. I’ll probably also do some worrying about what I want to do with my life, and then remind myself that it’s better to take action than to sit around worrying, regardless of how well that action turns out. I was happy to discover this morning that traffic to my Confident Man project website is building, and it’s increased in Google’s search rankings over the last few days. I was about ready to give up on it, so this gives me some confidence to keep at it. How ironic is that? I can sense an article on the importance of persistence coming.

I feel a bit hungry, but not as bad as what I expected. I certainly feel better without the headache. That lemonade stuff is tasting rather ghastly. Wonder how it’ll taste on day 7? I’ve had some discouraging comments on Facebook about doing the detox, which just reminds me that there are plenty of nay-sayers out there. I need to make decisions for myself without worrying what other people think, and to do what’s seems right for me regardless. Maybe it’ll work; maybe not… but I’ll never know if I don’t try.

Starting a Colon Cleanse Lemon Detox Today

It’s been a while between updates, and I’ve been off doing every course I can find to let go of emotional baggage. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever end; I seem to have a deep wound at my emotional core that I can’t quite get to the bottom of, and a lot of things I want to do these days is triggering it. Physically, I still feel like I have a cold and right now I feel a little zoned out and have a very slight headache. I’ve just returned from a road trip to Melbourne for the comedy festival and while I was there I spent most of the daytime sleeping at the Youth Hostel. I feel better physically when I rest and do nothing; although psychologically it’s rather numbing and I feel like I want to be out doing something productive and creative.

One of the courses I did recently was a public speaking training course led by Shaune Clarke, who has recovered from chronic fatigue. He told me that he was at death’s doorstep and spent a fortune on treatments, none of which worked… Until he came across colon cleansing. He recovered and started speaking about alternative health based on his personal experience. I’m skeptical of the whole cleanse thing, but it seems worth a try, so I’m starting today. I found details of a Lemon, Maple Syrup and Cayenne cleanse online that sounds the same as what Shaune described to me.

The cleanse will take 7 days during which all I’ll be ingesting is the lemonade mixture. No other food or drink. I plan to stay home and rest as much as possible during it. I won’t be going out socialising. I have a bunch of MP3s and audio books I want to listen to. Hopefully by the end I’ll be feeling healthier, more motivated, and have a clearer direction of what I want to do. I’m told fasting is an emotionally cleansing experience as well, since it brings your issues to the surface. That’s why many religious traditions include it. We’ll see how that goes. To reward myself, I’ve booked into a Theatrical Improvisation course that starts a week later which should be great fun.

I’ll post an update each day to let you know how I’m doing…