Non-Symptom Meanings

This is my Non-Symptom Meanings worksheet from P73 of The Advanced ME/CFS Recovery Programme with Ashok Gupta:

 Women, Relationships & Singleness

I’m afraid of the women I’m attracted to.
There’s something wrong with me.
I’m defective or unattractive.
I’m not good enough to have a relationship with the sort of woman I want.
I hurt so easily, and hate being hurt.
I need to be less “nice”. Bad guys are more attractive.
Meeting attractive women stresses me out.
Relationships stress me out.

Uncertain Career Direction

I’m a bad person because I don’t force myself to do the work I’m qualified for, which I no longer enjoy.
I should still enjoy my old career. What changed?
I feel lost.
My ideas for possible new careers are all risky or will take a long time to achieve success.
I’m worried about what to do with my life.
I can’t feel happy unless I’m being successful.
I can’t tolerate failure.
I should just get a real job, like everyone else does.
I need to be earning money, or I’m not valuable.
I’m a failure.

Social Situations/Other People

I am terrified of other people’s judgments.
I can’t stand conflict.
I feel bad when people disagree with me or won’t consider my point of view.
I feel powerless.
Even the mildest form of rejection makes me feel bad.
I lack resilience.
I wish I could connect to other people more easily.
People I meet don’t seem to want to talk to me.
Friends like talking to me, but only once they get to know me.
Meeting strangers stresses me out.
People won’t like me if I’m open and honest with them.
I’m too emotionally vulnerable to other people’s criticism.

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