My Typical Client

The clients that I work with are just like me. We became ill while overdoing things because of our strong unconscious desire to be loved, approved of and accepted by other people. Often we’d been burning the candle at both ends for many years before an infection of some sort hit us and we just didn’t recover again.

We all fit the following profile:

  • Work very hard to please other people, often at our own expense
  • Have difficulty saying and hearing “No”
  • Highly sensitive to other people’s emotions and energy
  • Very intelligent
  • Felt unheard or not listened to in their family of origin
  • Don’t feel free about expressing ourselves, especially our feelings
  • Highly anxious about being ill and the thought of not ever getting better
  • Find being assertive challenging
  • Were taught to suppress or internalise our emotions
  • Had emotionally unavailable parents
  • Found childhood emotionally stressful or traumatic
  • Worry excessively about what other people think and feel
  • Have a very strong and relentless inner critic
  • Feel ashamed and/or frightened of their own anger
  • Have internalised their rage and anger, but may not be aware of it
  • Feel isolated
  • Feel stuck
  • Were high achievers or very driven before falling ill
  • Had one or more highly stressful life events just before falling ill
  • Have a history of push, push, pushing themselves
  • Have tried every doctor, specialist and treatment under the sun
  • Feel let down by the conventional medical system
  • Interested in the link between their emotions and physical symptoms

The truth at the moment is that nobody really knows exactly what causes CFS, although many people have different theories and treatments. The strategies I teach reduce suffering regardless of the underlying disease mechanism. We give our bodies the best chance to heal when we let go of the unconscious stress of trying to please other people all the time, by accepting that we are perfect exactly as we are.

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