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We are not our diagnosis

I’ve found The Sedona Method of “letting go” helpful in dealing with my stress and anxiety about feeling ill for so long. I use it on and off on a daily basis, especially when I feel myself getting anxious about … Continue reading

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XMRV and where I’m at

There’s some more research out confirming the association between XMRV and CFS. It’s sounding more plausible to me, although I’ve no idea how I would have picked up XMRV. I wonder if it’s possible to get tested for it, out … Continue reading

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What a weekend!

In the beginning… The story of last weekend really begins on Friday evening. A bit before then in fact, when two girls from my acting class Vanessa and Monique, both expressed interest in coming with me to a psychodrama introductory … Continue reading

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Avoiding Overwhelm

I just watched Session 7, on awareness of stress patterns; which seems very relevant to me. I constantly seem to be on the verge of overwhelm, reminding myself to back off a bit and take things easy. Part of me … Continue reading

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