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Just Started Tennis Lessons

Hot on the heals of my ┬áinto Mickel Therapy's hypothalamus theory, I've recently signed up for tennis lessons. I exercise every morning now, but up until now I have always done it alone which isn't likely to alleviate feelings of … Continue reading

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Maybe Mickel Therapy Isn't Complete Bullshit After All

I had a go at Mickel Therapy a couple of years ago, but gave up because: I had difficulty identifying the onset of any particular symptom, which is key to the process. My symptoms remained pretty much constant, aside from … Continue reading

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Experimenting with Exercise

The last time a felt really well was back in March 2008, over two years ago. Ever since then, I've had these damn cold/flu-like symptoms. But about a year before that, I had similar symptoms for about 4 months. At … Continue reading

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Emotional Stress and Chronic Fatigue

This is an edited excerpt from an email I sent to a reader asking whether the treatment in the Gupta program worked. After trying a bunch of other treatments and listening to crackpot theories from many quarters, I'm convinced that … Continue reading

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