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We are not our diagnosis

I’ve found The Sedona Method of “letting go” helpful in dealing with my stress and anxiety about feeling ill for so long. I use it on and off on a daily basis, especially when I feel myself getting anxious about … Continue reading

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Dealing with difficult emotions

I’m adding a group of pages to my blog on how to deal with difficult emotions that arise as part and parcel of Chronic Fatigue. Check the Emotions drop-down menu for more details. Todays featured emotion is Shame. I’ll add … Continue reading

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Random Tips For Starting The Gupta Programme

It’s been 3 months today since I started the Gupta programme. It seems to be helping. I just sent an email to a reader who’s about to start, and here are some suggestions from it: I think the trick is … Continue reading

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Painful Vulnerability

Nothing triggers my emotional insecurities like a pretty girl who appears disinterested in me. There’s one such girl in my Toastmasters club. Let’s call her Liz. She’s extraordinarily pretty, intelligent, slim, shy and endearing. Shy and endearing look pretty attractive … Continue reading

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Emotional Stress and Chronic Fatigue

This is an edited excerpt from an email I sent to a reader asking whether the treatment in the Gupta program worked. After trying a bunch of other treatments and listening to crackpot theories from many quarters, I’m convinced that … Continue reading

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