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Update on Mickel Therapy progress

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I thought it was time for an update. It’s a bit over two months since I started Mickel Therapy, and I feel really ambivalent about the whole thing. On the down side, … Continue reading

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Happy 2011, and an update

Hey folks, Well it’s been a long time between updates, but I thought I’d drop in to wish you all a Happy 2011. This year has been pretty rough at times, but I seem to be recovering gradually. There is … Continue reading

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Unrefreshing Sleep!

Woke up this morning feeling depressed and washed out. “Unrefreshing sleep”, as they say. Well, I’ve never been a morning person so this is just more of the same. I think it was mainly about feeling overwhelmed and the zoned-out … Continue reading

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I thought I was Anxious, but actually I’m Angry!!!

I cried myself to sleep last night; the mood swings were really getting to me, and I just felt really depressed about how stuck I feel being ill much of the time. Lee’s advice yesterday to put my dreams on … Continue reading

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