Self Expression EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Video Recommended By A Grateful Client

I have a couple of clients who find EFT really helpful for dealing with emotions, especially when they feel overwhelming. I got an email this morning from one such client who has been ill with CFS for over ten years and is now recovering, in part through my coaching. She gave permission for me to share it here:

Hi Graham,

I want to share these eft videos on chakra alignment with you. I know eft is not  your thing. I know you come in contact with lots of people and I have found these videos amazing. Maybe they might help others.

I am doing the one for the 5th chakra, communication with great results.

I also am reading Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life and that is altering my way of seeing communication and communicating.

Thank you so much for telling me about Marshall Rosenberg and NVC.

It amazes me that I found you or was guided to you via the internet.

The work we are doing is helping me grow and gives me immense happiness and hope.

I am so grateful that you are in my life! It is a long distance miracle.

Hope your holiday was wonderful.

with love,
Grateful Client

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Wisdom from The Inner Game Of Music

I’ve been reading Barry Green & W. Timothy Gallwey’s book The Inner Game Of Music to learn how to calm my nerves onstage for my future career as a comedian/musician. There’s a lot of wisdom in the book about dealing with anxiety and staying present under pressure, and I thought this paragraph was particularly pertinent to recovery from CFS:

When we realise that what at first looks like a stressful or negative experience can be understood as a ‘dissonance’ that can lead to resolution, we can begin to accept the stressful moments and flow with them instead of resisting them. The times that we look back on with the greatest pleasure are often those when we experienced a full measure of obstacles and stresses and were able to bring them to a harmonious resolution. Our goal is to be able to ‘experience our experience’ fully, without classifying it as either bad or good.

Well I don’t know about looking back “with the greatest of pleasure”, but apart from that I think he’s onto something.

I Got My Life Coaching Qualification!

I just want to say a big “Thank you!” to everyone who participated in helping me get my Life Coaching qualification with Beyond Success, the company that I did my Emotional Intelligence-based coach training with.

Getting qualified was the final step in my Life Coach training; something that I had been putting off for about 3 years because I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting a sick, depressed life coach. However, one of the things that I learned from Mickel Therapy was to complete the things that we’ve been putting off since they all contribute to our sense of powerlessness and unconscious stress.

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