Anyone Tried The Chrysalis Effect Programme?

Has anyone tried The Chrysalis Effect Programme? Beneath the rather cheesy Internet marketing spin, what they're offering sounds pretty consistent with adrenal fatigue and the ideas in the Gupta Programme. They seem to get the mind/body connection thing and the importance of emotional support in dealing with this illness.

I've been using the free meditation download they offer, and I quite like it. I figure anything that reduces stress is good for this illness whatever the underlying cause turns out to be. I could relate to a lot of what they say in their Essentials Guide which you get for free when you register on the site. I am a A Type driven person, and many of my friends with CFS are (or at least, were before they fell ill) too. They take a holistic approach and are offering a support community, which is probably particularly helpful if you don't know anyone else who is suffering from CFS, has recovered or really understands what we go through. I don't know if it's worth 19 pounds a month, but I've spent a lot more than that on my recovery so far. It's probably worth at least having a look at what they're offering.

That said, I sure hope they have a sense of humour! After you enter your email address, watch their video.

Then have a look at this hilarous parody:

After all, laughter is the best stress relief...

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I'm a guy in his mid-40's, recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since May 2009.C
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2 Responses to Anyone Tried The Chrysalis Effect Programme?

  1. Tom says:

    The video is hilarous for sure. Thanks for huge doze of laugh;DDDD
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  2. Anet Dunne says:

    Funny video, Graham. Yes, there are a lot of hucksters and snake-oil salesmen out there. Regarding the Chrysalis Effect, have you seen this information on the Chrysalis Wisdom Council? It is run by Cougar Brenneman, a multiple sclerosis sufferer. Talk about Type A! His vision for the website is huge! You can find some interesting information by clicking around. Back to the funny video -- are they right that the best medicine is exercise, healthy food and plenty of laughter and rest?

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