Jealousy, Fear, Anxiety, Setbacks and Starting Again

I went to acting practise last night, and had a good time; it always gives me a lift. There’s a girl there who I really like who has been quite friendly towards me, and I’ve been hoping to get to know her better. Last night I heard her say to one of the other guys “We’ll have to get together for coffee sometime!” Urgh. I felt really jealous. I’ve had a few minor setbacks in the romance area lately; a number of girls I’d been interested in turned out to have boyfriends, or to just seem uninterested in me. Another girl I met on the Internet has turned fickle and negative towards me (yeah, there’s a story there). Definitely triggers my whole abandonment fears. But there are plenty of other fish in the sea, right? So I stayed up late last night sending contact requests to women who sounded interesting on an online dating site. The problem for guys online is that with the usual inhibitions out of the way, women are swamped with requests from introverted guys and you end up lost in the noise. If I get any response at all, most of the time it’s a rejection… which hit’s that abandonment button square on. Gawd, I’d love to be less sensitive. Just brush it all off and move on. I felt really lonely and looked around for someone online to chat to, but there was nobody… and I was too tired to keep my eyes open anyway.

It was almost 1am by the time I got to bed, and I had a pretty good sleep. I woke up about 8:30am this morning feeling an anxious sensation in my chest. It was accompanied by the usual thoughts about the Big Three: health (when is it going to get better?), career (what am I going to do?), and relationships (when am I going to sort that out?). I listened to the meditation CD, and calmed down a bit. I wish it was possible to have an amygdalectomy and just get the bastard removed. My emotions only ever seem to cause me trouble.

I went to see an amateur production of Grease on the weekend which some friends of mine were in. It took me back to my first role, where I played Kenickie… before I got ill. I almost cried when Rizzo sang “There are worse things I could do”; I was actually moved by it. My acting teacher has been telling me to “be more affected by things”, so I guess I’m getting there. I’m still hoping that the acting course unlocks my emotional repression enough to release some of the stress I feel, allowing my body to recover faster than it would just with the Gupta programme alone. I seem to be getting more expressive during practise, and I’m really enjoying the course as it definitely gives me a lift most of the time. Just as long as I don’t wear myself out with the extra workload. I also want to try some psychodrama… I’ll let you know how that goes.

I visited my parents yesterday for the first time in a couple of months, which went OK. I’d grown a beard and shaved my head since last seeing them. My mother didn’t recognise me. Later on she asked “If you could do anything, what would you like to do?”. I think she was reaching out and trying to be helpful; but I wasn’t in the mood. Too tired to really engage, and I had a busy day yesterday which didn’t help. A pre-CFS friend from dancing rang while I was there to invite me around for Good Friday lunch. It’s nice to know I still have a few friends who keep in touch since I dropped off the planet.

I’ve just watched Session 3 of the programme, so I’m back to starting again with Stop-Stop-Stop. I hope the testimonials give me more motivation, as I’ve been kinda slack lately. I haven’t felt too bad physically though lately; mainly just tired and a bit anxious. I’m kinda at the “I can live with this; but it’s still a pain in the ass” level. I’m taking my guitar to acting class this afternoon for my activity, and doing two classes today. That should be fun!

Author: Graham

I'm a guy in his late 40's, recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since May 2009. I now offer coaching and support to other people with CFS/ME.

4 thoughts on “Jealousy, Fear, Anxiety, Setbacks and Starting Again”

  1. Graham,
    I think your statement has made my day…..not a good week so you made me laugh out loud when you said the following

    “I wish it was possible to have an amygdalectomy and just get the bastard removed. My emotions only ever seem to cause me trouble.”

    Dealing with rejection is also not easy. I have been sick from a drug reaction for 2 wks and I became reduced to a child again, terrified my husband would die and leave me. What I would not do to get over this hurdle at my age. I know when you really feel well, rejection is easier to bear.

  2. You know it doesn’t matter if you are well or married or alone or in a great job or unemployed … life can still seem shitty or it can seem great. I think you are doing the right thing with trying to unlock yourself. I spent several years in therapy after my partner died and once I had learned how to really be in touch with myself I found that I stopped worrying and asking ‘those’ questions – when will I find th eright job, will I ever find true love again, blah blah blah. I know feel like it doesnt mater what my circumstances are, what matters is my reaction to the circumstances and I actually CAN choose how to react appropriately. So, I am sick as a dog and housebound with no source of income but I’m not unhappy. I’d lik eto be well again, but in the meantime living in the moment works just fine šŸ™‚

    I hope you can learn to enjoy the skin you are in!!!

    1. Yes, totally. I’m definitely happiest when I’m not bothered by things I don’t like happening. When things are going well, that’s easy. But it’s not the CFS itself that makes me miserable, it’s the times when I’m bothered by it. There’s a huge difference between “You know, I’m gonna spend a day in bed. Cool!” and “Oh damn! I’ve got to spend a day in bed!”, even when the physical sensations are the same. Thanks for the encouragement!

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