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Random Tips For Starting The Gupta Programme

It’s been 3 months today since I started the Gupta programme. It seems to be helping. I just sent an email to a reader who’s about to start, and here are some suggestions from it: I think the trick is … Continue reading

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Jealousy, Fear, Anxiety, Setbacks and Starting Again

I went to acting practise last night, and had a good time; it always gives me a lift. There’s a girl there who I really like who has been quite friendly towards me, and I’ve been hoping to get to … Continue reading

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An alternative to Stop, Stop, Stop!

Here’s a great new alternative to Stop, Stop, Stop. It’s particularly effective for dealing with anxiety… or you get your $5 back. Enjoy!

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Painful Vulnerability

Nothing triggers my emotional insecurities like a pretty girl who appears disinterested in me. There’s one such girl in my Toastmasters club. Let’s call her Liz. She’s extraordinarily pretty, intelligent, slim, shy and endearing. Shy and endearing look pretty attractive … Continue reading

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My New Hairstyle

Ok, so here it is… my new hairstyle. I’ve been getting some pretty good feedback on it, and usually the person involved manages to keep a straight face. In acting class today, the teacher asked: “Have you had a haircut … Continue reading

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Anxiety and Overwhelm

I felt anxious in acting class today, and somewhat overwhelmed. Felt a bit pissed off with life and the whole emotional struggle thing. I still have a backlog of email to read & answer from my meditation retreat, and an … Continue reading

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Meditation Retreat

Well I completed the 10-Day Vipassana meditation retreat at Dhamma Bhumi retreat centre on Sunday morning. It’s a beautiful setting at Blackheath in the Blue Mountains, about 2 hours west of Sydney. If you want to do Vipassana, I can’t … Continue reading

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I’m off on a Meditation Retreat tomorrow

I had a really good argument with a guy at acting practise tonight. He really pissed me off, and I didn’t hold back. He was challenging me to open up, but wouldn’t open up himself. He was playing games rather … Continue reading

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Emotional Stress and Chronic Fatigue

This is an edited excerpt from an email I sent to a reader asking whether the treatment in the Gupta program worked. After trying a bunch of other treatments and listening to crackpot theories from many quarters, I’m convinced that … Continue reading

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Sponsor me in The World’s Greatest Shave

I feel really tired today. Spent all morning in bed. Think I’ll go back there this afternoon. I realise that when I push myself, my symptoms just get worse; particularly the sore throat and cough. And my breathing gets really … Continue reading

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