How to Deal with a Normal Life

Got up feeling pretty well this morning. Read my email, wrote some blog postings, watched a video on internet video marketing. Played some guitar.

I just watched Session 11, How to Deal with a Normal Life. I’ve posted my Happy, Healthy Life worksheet. I could relate a lot to what Ashok said about not rushing all the time, relaxing at the computer, not going for achieve achieve achieve. Probably need more practise at it still!

I feel kinda tired this afternoon, but wouldn’t say it’s exhausting. I’ve been Stop-Stop-Stop’ing quite a bit today. I still get a mild tension feeling, and lots of thoughts about needing to convince or impress other people. I was talking to my sister on MSN, and that often causes me anxiety; I have a nagging feeling that she disapproves of things I do, and find that hard to shake. More material for Stop-Stop-Stop.

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I'm a guy in his mid-40's, recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since May 2009.C
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